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By datesingles

how to marry a millionaire

In China, there is apparently a school that women can go to learn how to marry a millionaire. Reuters reports that the Beijing Moral Education Center for Women improves the provisions girls to make them more attractive to the rich.

Now, if two people want to get married because one of them has money, it is not my business. But this school feels like a scam.

Firstly, let us look at the false premise on which it is based. The fact is that nobody knows what every millionaire wants, and no one can teach. Maybe some people want a good education, while others want a woman who will dance on the tables. Some seek a delicate lady are there as a missionary, others are looking for a girl who will put on a dildo.

Secondly, there is this quote from the founder of the school: “We are nurturing internal qualities and developing potential.” Is that you rub the wrong way, as it makes me? Growing desire a woman to deceive a man to marry her does not seem to be an example to bring out the best in it, in fact, the opposite.

And if the school was really developing the potential of these girls, maybe they would work on more specific skills, like putting together a CV or develop business proposals, or even teaching kindergarten.

Anyway, again – golddigging, and marry gold diggers, each own personal prerogative. But it is not only unpleasant to try to teach, it is also impossible.

By datesingles